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Submarine Festoons Needed in US

Although undersea festoon networks can be found in many parts of the world, one would be hard-pressed to locate a single case in the States. From the perspectives of lower cost, speedier and simpler deployment,…
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Acacia’s Bridge Too Far

The photo associated with this article shows the Arnhem John Frost bridge in the Netherlands, which became really famous with the 1977 epic film, A Bridge Too Far, which depicted the tragic and overreaching allied…
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CenturyLink Could be a Sleeper

When a typical industry observer thought of CenturyLink over the past several years, the following aspects probably came to mind: only a handful of major metropolitan areas that are a vast distance apart from each…
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Infinera’s Biggest Concern is Ciena

A commonly heard phrase over the years has been that nobody gets fired for buying from Cisco Systems. When it comes to optical networking products, we have reached the stage in which the same can…
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All-Optical Switches: Still Illusory?

Over 30 years ago, there began discussions in the industry about the development of an all-optical switch. Some of the comments sound familiar to those of today. In April, 1983, The Economist addressed them: “[Optical]…
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Acacia Will Likely Push 400G DSP

The message that the Street may be going way overboard with Acacia Communications’ valuation, let alone its new secondary offering, may be beginning to resonate. For example, one can read, “Acacia: A Company That Will…
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If Verizon Has Vague Rationale, Think FCC

For Verizon, there has been the matter of a tremendous buildout of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure in the past, which was clearly cost prohibitive, or more recently, supposedly picking up this activity with solutions that do…
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Ciena’s Incumbent Engineers Saved Firm

If Ciena’s CTO, Steve Alexander, been appointed CEO after Patrick Nettles stepped down from the position, the supplier would not have experienced the extreme vacillations in business performance and the negative consequences from the “Nortelization”…
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Nokia Directionless in Optics Space

An industry observer might ask a Nokia executive about its plans for 400G and there is a good chance that the response is more likely to be a general one reflecting a lot of uncertainty…
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Infinera’s Lumentum Band-Aid

In a Light Reading article, its Editor-in-chief wrote: “Eager to bask in the ‘open networking’ sunshine that has given the switch and router fraternity a shiny new glow, optical systems vendor Infinera…has teamed up with…
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Google Fiber Fizzles as Predicted

In March, we posted an article called “Google’s Fiber: Laugh All the Way to Bank,” in which we stated: “While [Alphabet’s] Google has made a certain amount of investment in the deployment of fiber just…
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Acacia’s Valuation: The Street’s Cruel Joke

While Acacia Communications’ recent business performance has been impressive, and deserves to be rewarded, there can be no justification for a market cap that comes even close to exceeding the valuations of either Finisar or…
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Juniper’s Aurrion Buyout: Tech Nightmare?

Juniper Networks probably had very good reasons for becoming more vertically integrated in the optical space including perhaps the need to internally control its supply of transceivers as well as maybe strengthen its competitive position…
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New Optical Ecosystem at Jabil

After over 15 years of both optical component and system suppliers struggling to generate meaningful margins in the telecom and data communications market, it may be way past time to concede that there may never…
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Let Huawei and ZTE in US Optical Market

Service providers carrying US federal government communications, including submarine networks that are not based in the country, should be allowed to purchase optical systems from the two major Chinese vendors, Huawei Technologies and ZTE. While…
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Would Anyone Want to Buy Level 3?

Given the wealth of connections and contacts of a large corporation in the telecommunications industry, such as at Level 3 Communications, it is always extraordinary that the valuation of a firm increases with speculation that…
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Bastardization of “All-IP” by Orange?

The marketization and politicizing of science can result in dire consequences, such as in environmental matters. While the ramifications may be less important in communications, such as the meaning of Ethernet being a moving target…
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Brexit: Political Upside Imperative

There has been widespread indoctrination to disbelieve that 1) the quality of life for people across the globe is as high as ever, and 2) it has become that way because of the past adoption…
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EU Split Could Help Optical Space

Despite all of the unnecessary commotion and unjustified delirium of panic resulting from the Brexit referendum, we hope that it will lead to the dismantlement of the entire European Union, which we assert could bolster…
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Google Hoisted by Its Own Petard

As Alphabet’s Google delights in the decision by the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upholding the FCC’s ridiculous net neutrality rules involving the Title II reclassification, the…
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Ciena as Chameleon

A principal, overriding theme of our past blog posts focusing on Ciena is that it has not maintained a consistent vision for its future. We believe that historically, it has had a penchant for readily…
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Acacia IPO Update: Still Pursuing Encore

In January, we first discussed Acacia Communications, which filed for its IPO confidentially in August of last year, and then rather quietly, but publicly, notified the SEC towards the end of December of last year…
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Infinera’s Last Ditch: Infinity and Beyond

With the full realization by industry analysts, some of whom initially drank the Kool-Aid, that the potential for Infinera significantly penetrating the metro optical market will not be a pushover, the supplier’s frantic gambit is…
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Lumentum: Be Careful What You Wish For

Who could blame Lumentum Holdings for finding it desirable to move upstream in offering something close to full optical systems in order to generate higher margins? In some respects, the time to do so is…
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100G Transceivers Below $3/Gig by 2017?

When giant data center owners started promoting $1 per gigabit transport a while back, the idea seemed ludicrous. Well, at least for optical transceivers, pricing has reached a point in which that goal is actually…
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