What We Do


fibeReality offers market intelligence reports based on the feedback of buyers of fiber optic gear and services. None of our studies are financed by outside entities. The extraordinary level of candid and unfiltered detail in these studies is unmatched by other “off-the-shelf” providers.

More important than predictions, fibeReality knows that its intelligence gathering has an impact in real time on the direction of network decisions, including the selection of vendors. So, we actually help shape the future of the photonics businesses.

Executives at the highest levels engage with us because they respect our opinions and realize that they get at least as much as they give during these interactions. They also know that we will zealously protect their confidentiality.

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Our Customer Pledge

fibeReality makes the following six guarantees to the industry


To present the facts as discovered and not to embellish or to downplay any information we obtain.


To be unafraid of challenging incorrect industry narratives and to let the chips fall where they may.


To offer extremely frank advice to our customers on running their businesses, as if we ourselves had complete stake in them.


To avoid pulling our punches in our evaluation of any existing company or solution.


To never sell out when it comes to the truth.


To never sacrifice our well-established ethical principles.


fibeReality has the most respected blogs in the optics industry. Our posts have set a new standard for comprehensive and thought-provoking insights. There is no rehashing of press releases, but in-depth analysis based on our intimate connection with the business dynamics and on our historic perspective.

For more frequent updates, please follow our company page on LinkedIn.

A large number of the most influential executives in the industry are regular readers of our articles, such as at equipment manufacturers, network operators, and investment firms.


While no research firm can get every prognostication correct, fibeReality will put its track record up against any of them. Our competitors excel at being in a race to publish the highest forecasts possible in any particular marketplace. All one has to do is look at the initial outlook by such firms on 400GbE.

Speaking Events

When presenting at trade conferences and shows, fibeReality does not recycle slides from the last 12 months. We do not engage in advertising of our products and services. We provide totally new intelligence just for the occasion including provocative assessments of large vendors and users. fibeReality keeps the audience engaged with our fresh and truthful perspectives.

At past presentations, fibeReality accomplished the following: heavily criticized the sacred cows that are on-board and co-packaged optics; gone after the frequently useless public-private partnerships that only excel as time sinks; discussed that the ultimate business case for 5G is the survival of the mobile network operator; addressed how the 3D-sensing market became a bubble instantaneously with the first shipments of six-inch VCSELs, and explained why horizontal integration is critical to the success of large optical component vendors.

fibeReality speaks frequently at EPIC events (including at ECOC), usually leading off the proceedings, to provide the necessary context for the topic being discussed. We have also been on panels at OFC and at PTC.