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Finisar Gives II-VI Design Arm to Apple

In fibeReality’s last blog piece we stated that Apple “had benefitted from its association with…technologists, [including those that have been part of Finisar’s 3DS (3D Sensing) division]…on design work of all kinds, well before the…

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II-VI: Disentangling Finisar at Both Ends

While there was initially hope on the part of at least some executives at Finisar with the new corporate leadership, it left a lot to be desired, which as it turned out, went well beyond…

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New Wrinkles Could Backup Optical M&A Rumor

fibeReality recently published the article, “ADVA/ECI Merger? Hasty Knee-Jerk Effect,” in which we presented the case about the drawbacks of such a combination. While all of the arguments should still be seriously considered, we just…

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Apple: 3DS VCSEL Learning Curve Edge

While fibeReality continues to see downsides for the 3D-Sensing (3DS) VCSEL component suppliers, themselves, Apple’s two-year head-start over any other company in the world in developing its own IP with these solutions gets an inadequate…

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ADVA/ECI Merger? Hasty Knee-Jerk Effect

If a press account this past August was true that an ADVA Optical Networking-Coriant merger could not have been worked out, it may have been initially perceived in the industry to have been unfortunate. The…

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CommScope/Arris Combo: Sway of MSOs

Assuming the report of negotiations in Reuters is true, and if CommScope decides to purchase Arris International, despite dealing with some difficulties, it would likely result in a highly diversified juggernaut in combining powerful positions…

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Nokia’s Unchanged Strategy to Exit Optics

Even prior to closing the deal, Nokia Networks’ purchase of Alcatel-Lucent surrounded the former contemplating divesting the submarine optics division of the latter. The major obstacle with Nokia appeared to always be that the government…

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Debasement of Optical Market Research

In 1982, as a pre-law student at NYU, I walked into the office of employment leads at the university to see what jobs would be available over the summer. A consulting company downtown, called Northern…

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Ciena: ZTE Will Be Pursuing Retribution

fibeReality’s latest intelligence indicates that Ciena took advantage of the ban earlier this year against ZTE, allowing the former to take a significant amount of market share away from the latter in emerging markets, including…

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Google: Objectives and Undesirable Results

In the past, fibeReality has addressed the matter that Google/Alphabet’s publicly stated objectives in getting into new businesses, including in the optical realm, need to be viewed as part of its overriding goal of getting…

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Verizon Wireless: 5G Home Subterfuge

In some ways, Verizon has a worse credibility situation in the short term with its current emphasis on residential applications for 5G, than what happened with FiOS last decade. At least with the latter, it…

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Apple Story of Shot Across Lumentum Bow

fibeReality understands that a partial reason for the Street hitting Lumentum so hard several days ago was a note from CLSA that Apple is designing its own VCSEL array with the intention of using a…

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Intel Renews Hyperscale Optic Machination

According to fibeReality’s newest intelligence, we have never been more persuaded that Intel is selling optical components to hyperscale data center operators below cost, while the vendor has very little confidence it can achieve profitability,…

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NeoPhotonics: A Rationale for a Resurgence

Ever since the last optical boom in China, it has been easy to be critical about NeoPhotonics concerning limitations for growth in its traditional space with much of it based on a disproportionate amount of…

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Infinera/Coriant: On Capping Installed Base

We have mentioned that a number of operators with a sizeable installed base of either Infinera or Coriant are undeniably re-evaluating their network strategies. Of course, there would be even more of an imperative, if…

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Corning and Multimode: Fujikura Linkage

fibeReality has lately been discussing a lot about the collapsed ecosystem in the active optical equipment space, as well as the growing market for MultiMode Fiber (MMF) in the large data centers of the hyperscale…

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400G: Impulse to View Rate in a Vacuum

At ECOC this week, the aspect that will almost assuredly not come across is that large optical component firms have to be asking themselves whether major development efforts on high-end optical components, especially on the…

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CFP2-ACO Modules: Lingering Cash Cow

In fibeReality’s last blog article, “Oclaro: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop,” we analyzed some of the probable consequences for the vendor after the closing of the purchase by Lumentum. In this piece, we…

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Oclaro: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

With Oclaro in a waiting game, as China must provide antitrust regulatory approval for Lumentum’s acquisition, and although fibeReality senses that that some people at the former have moved from disappointment to at least acceptance,…

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Inphi Could Not Resist Hyperscale Vortex

fibeReality first used the term, “hyperscale vortex” relating to ADVA Optical Networking, as it was one of the examples of foreshadowing of the complete destruction of the optical ecosystem. Although ADVA’s CEO had reservations about…

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Nokia Networks is a Wireless Firm — Period

While Nokia continues to sell optics solutions, and fibeReality even sees the possibility for a significant upside for it in the space in the short term, its legacy, its heart, and most importantly, its top-level…

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Cisco Systems’ Optics Pastime

It all began for Cisco Systems last century during the bubble with its purchase of Cerent for a whopping amount of money, as it was a startup merely providing a basic SONET transport system. Although…

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Finisar Could be Telegraphing 5G Fronthaul Gear

fibeReality is aware of some speculation that Finisar’s CEO, Michael Hurlston, was supposedly brought in to build up the 3D-sensing business in order to sell it to his former company, Broadcom. Yet, with our expectation…

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AOCs: Unappealing Choice Up to 30 Meters

Assuming Microsoft goes ahead with a proposed project of a flattened switch architecture in its data centers, the use of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) for the 0-to-30-meter lengths would undoubtedly remain under consideration, even though…

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