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Juniper’s SiPh: Reductio ad Absurdum

Now Juniper Networks has joined Intel and Cisco Systems in offering 100G data communications transceivers (TXs), in which margins are awfully tough, if not unfeasible in many cases. What is next – Arista Networks being …
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OFC 2019: Nine Additional Odds and Ends

Before getting to the subject of this article, I need to point out the most significant and outstanding event at OFC: Mitch Fields at the “Special Chair Session” on the “Role of Optics in Future …
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Microsoft’s “Heat Check”

In basketball, when a player, who has been hot in a game in making several three-point shots in a row, which is within that person’s customary range, after, say, getting open by receiving the usual …
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Lumentum Owns Basis of Oclaro Takedown

At OFC 2019, Lumentum Holdings finally acknowledged the principal rationale for purchasing Oclaro, by announcing the divestiture of the data communications transceiver (TX) product line of the latter (last September, it was certainly clear to …
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On Cisco’s Rationalization for Luxtera Buy

At the OFC 2019 Media/Analyst Luncheon – “Hot Topics in Data Center Optics: Emerging Standards/MSAs, Silicon Photonics, 400G and Beyond,” Bill Gartner, Vice President/GM Optical Systems and Optics Group, Cisco Systems, mentioned the idea of …
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“Fireworks” at OFC SDN Controller Panel

Please be sure you hang around long enough next week at OFC 2019 to watch a unique, exciting debate during the panel of “How Centralized should Centralized SDN Control and Orchestration be?” There will be …
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CenturyLink/Zayo: Verizon’s Forewarning

While Verizon’s first-mover position with 5G wireless in the US will offer many advantages, including a locality just simply wanting to avoid the negative aesthetics of having another operator in the same location, it also …
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Ciena and Ericsson: The Virtualized Merger

The “Nortelization” process at Ciena started several years before the supplier actually bought Nortel Networks’ assets. Former Nortel executives slowly worked their way into the Ciena organizational woodwork, and it became kind of a soundless …
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ADVA: Next Optics Dynamo in NA

The combination of the apparent penetration of ADVA Optical Networking into the incumbent ISP transport gear marketplace, along with the anticipation of the number of sizable players continuing to dwindle, appears to make the company …
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Verizon Retains “Oath” of Fealty to Itself

The “Oath” division of the most inventive, incumbent ISP on the planet, including the design of a long-haul network, which is as “future-proof” as humanly possible, and standing by itself in its construction of the …
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Arris + CommScope = Another M&A Decoy

An industry observer is expected to believe that CommScope, which was on the record at Investor Day, several months before the announcement of the merger with Arris Group, that it would only consider a relatively …
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Muse CenturyLink-T-Mobile-Sprint Combo

Why would Sunit Patel, who has been the loyal enabler of Level 3, particularly with his expertise in debt refinancing, now part of CenturyLink, be in such a rush to leave his prestigious position, along …
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Cisco/Luxtera: Loss Leader and Defensive Move

After the initial news report that Cisco Systems was working on an agreement to acquire Luxtera, most people in the industry, who had a least an adequate technological knowledge of Silicon Photonics (SiPh), and were …
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II-VI/Finisar: Security Over Specialization

fibeReality has decided to add to its initial thesis on what compelled II-VI to buy Finisar. As our title suggests, there have been a large number of SOS signals sent out in the overall optics …
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3DS VCSEL Race to the Bottom/Potpourri

Even as engineering capital and talent are being pulled out of the traditional optical transceiver space (once more, it is difficult to blame these vendors as the hyperscalers have massacred margins on lower data rates), …
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Lumentum: Six-Inch VCSEL Retrospective

In view of fibeReality’s latest analyses which demonstrate the essential role that VCSEL wafers are planned to play in future product designs of all kinds at Apple, along with both of Finisar’s last two CEOs …
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Suggested Texas VCSEL Strategy for II-VI

fibeReality has recently expressed its point of view that the II-VI-Finisar merger only really seems to makes sense in the context of Apple’s understandable concern over the 3D Sensing (3DS) manufacturing facility in Sherman, TX. …
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Finisar Gives II-VI Design Arm to Apple

In fibeReality’s last blog piece we stated that Apple “had benefitted from its association with…technologists, [including those that have been part of Finisar’s 3DS (3D Sensing) division]…on design work of all kinds, well before the …
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II-VI: Disentangling Finisar at Both Ends

While there was initially hope on the part of at least some executives at Finisar with the new corporate leadership, it left a lot to be desired, which as it turned out, went well beyond …
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New Wrinkles Could Backup Optical M&A Rumor

fibeReality recently published the article, “ADVA/ECI Merger? Hasty Knee-Jerk Effect,” in which we presented the case about the drawbacks of such a combination. While all of the arguments should still be seriously considered, we just …
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Apple: 3DS VCSEL Learning Curve Edge

While fibeReality continues to see downsides for the 3D-Sensing (3DS) VCSEL component suppliers, themselves, Apple’s two-year head-start over any other company in the world in developing its own IP with these solutions gets an inadequate …
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ADVA/ECI Merger? Hasty Knee-Jerk Effect

If a press account this past August was true that an ADVA Optical Networking-Coriant merger could not have been worked out, it may have been initially perceived in the industry to have been unfortunate. The …
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CommScope/Arris Combo: Sway of MSOs

Assuming the report of negotiations in Reuters is true, and if CommScope decides to purchase Arris International, despite dealing with some difficulties, it would likely result in a highly diversified juggernaut in combining powerful positions …
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Nokia’s Unchanged Strategy to Exit Optics

Even prior to closing the deal, Nokia Networks’ purchase of Alcatel-Lucent surrounded the former contemplating divesting the submarine optics division of the latter. The major obstacle with Nokia appeared to always be that the government …
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Debasement of Optical Market Research

In 1982, as a pre-law student at NYU, I walked into the office of employment leads at the university to see what jobs would be available over the summer. A consulting company downtown, called Northern …
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