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CFP2-ACO Modules: Lingering Cash Cow

Foreshadowing of the merger with Lumentum resulting in the divestiture of Oclaro’s data communications transceiver business, and greater focus on photonic chips in general.
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ZTE’s revival

We predicted (see comments section) it would happen much sooner than the conventional wisdom.  
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Verizon’s 5G target

In May, 2019, the operator started to openly admit that the sweet spot for 5G is a very focused, enterprise play. 
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Optical “Supercycle” Farce

By 9/17, it became clear that short-term, pent-up demand in China alone created the supercycle idea, and that there were not multiple market drivers.
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SDN Crack-Up?

In public networks, SDN continues to be deployed mainly in greenfield applications, specifically in the access portion.
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Infinera’s PIC Challenge

Even when Infinera initially announced its substantially higher capacity, 2.4 terabit PIC in March, 2016, it specified 16QAM.
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More 400G Insanity at ECOC

At OIDA Executive Forum 17: we recall Finisar exec tempering over-enthusiasm about 400G demand outlook based on very small number of potential data center buyers.
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400GbE Spectacular Fantasy

A study group for 200GbE was established by the IEEE standards body soon afterward, recognizing that an entire data rate generation had been recklessly ignored.
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