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Ciena Probably Overpaying for Cyan

A prima facie case can be made that the $400 million price tag on Cyan is out of line. In effect, Ciena should have problems justifying it is worth at almost half as much as…

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400GbE Spectacular Fantasy

At least in fantasy football, the actions are based on activities that genuinely exist in the present world. At a time when the telecom/datacom optical market is arguably as bad as ever, it is unseemly…

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Optical PAM-4 Restricted to 500 Meters?

Our company is always inclined to look towards historical precedent for guidance, and electronics have continually been leveraged throughout the years to bail out optics, such as with its imperfections including nonlinearities, as well as…

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Knocking of Silicon Photonics Now Mainstream

Who would be against the idea of applying Moore’s Law at some time in the future to optical chips in that it would revolutionize the entire cost structure of transporting signals over light? Nevertheless, only…

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Convoluted 20/80 Rule in Data Center Optics

Actually, it is probably a lot closer to a 90/10 relationship in which there is unbelievable amount of attention given to high-end optical development spurred on by a small number of mega-Data Center (DC) operators,…

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Integrated Photonics Clash

Please join us for our panel at OFC 2015 for a change of pace with fewer slides and with a focus on a lively discussion (and lots of audience participation), which will genuinely face the…

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Monetizing Older Networks: An Overreach?

Although one of the most thought-provoking panels at OFC 2015 will be on the monetization of optical networks, which will include seasoned experts who are vigorously involved in building new revenue models, it is not…

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ROADMs Instead of Metro 100G Systems?

At the OFC 2015 conference, one of the most highly respected network engineers in the business from Xtera Communications will be legitimately asking the question on a panel, “What on Earth is a ‘100G Metro…

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Surviving in a 10G World

Given that the lion’s share of the discussion in telecom forums is about vaporware, it is not surprising that a lot people in the industry would probably be amazed to hear that R&D spending on…

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Latest Title II Opened: Property Rights Raid

After the extraordinary action of not making its document on applying Title II rules to the Internet before its formal meeting on the matter, resembling the behavior of a repressive regime, the FCC has voted…

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Optical Hardware Innovation Permanently

At the OFC 2015 show next month, the Rump Session is entitled, “Is it ‘Game Over’ for Hardware?” The discussion will be about “[s]ome industry trends like SDN appear[ing] to make optics hardware engineering and innovation…

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New Title II Will Choke Optical Investment

The logical presumption associated with the madness of the FCC’s planned takeover of the Internet will be that service providers should be expected to cut back on fiber optic network investment to an absolute minimum,…

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Cyberattacks: Lower Bandwidth Growth Rates?

Going back to 9/11, there began the realization that an attack on data center infrastructure would make a large corporation the most vulnerable – even more than the loss of the leadership. Simply put, it…

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Another Savior of Data Center MM Fiber?

In addition to the development of longer-distance and higher-speed VCSELs, there is a possibility that in the long term, polymer waveguide material embedded in electronics could also help to extend the life of multimode fiber…

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No Blowback from Neophotonics Pickup

Before the closing of its deal for Emcore’s narrow linewidth tunable laser product line this month, it had been difficult to find any criticism given that Neophotonics bought Santur several years ago. Apparently, there had…

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Absurdity of Stressing Metro 100G Now

A couple of financial analysts have been touting Ciena as the expected big winner for a future contract for a large 100G metro project at Verizon. While there can be little doubt that the vendor…

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Google and Cars: Same Revenue Stream

There tends to be a lack of a full understanding of the intention behind the bulk, if not all of Google’s investments in new solutions. At the end of the day, they are each about…

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Cisco: Buyer of Potential Finisar-JDSU Combo?

If Finisar purchases JDSU’s CCOP division, would a systems integrator be interested in buying the combination? Unquestionably, there have been rumors in the past that Cisco Systems would buy Finisar, which with CCOP, would make…

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Finisar Buyout of JDSU’s CCOP Inevitable?

Simply by a process of elimination, it is difficult to foresee any other player besides Finisar being interested in purchasing JDSU’s planned spinoff of its optical components portfolio, Communications and Commercial Optical Products (CCOP). Such…

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