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Data Centers Moving to “Sweat” Shops

What is really happening in the greening of the data center? We are not seeing orders of magnitude reduction of power consumption. We are not seeing the use of cleaner power plants. Evidently, engineers and other…

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New M&A Types of Players In Optics

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of acquisition activity with three optical component companies being purchased by non-traditional kinds of acquirers, particularly players in the short distance, communications market including data centers. These…

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AT&T’s Neutrality Reply a Red Herring

While on the surface, it is commendable that a large player such as AT&T is taking on the US government on net neutrality, its response is totally self-serving. The carrier knows that it will make…

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Telecom Analytics With Bad Data?

On the landline side, the incumbent service providers have been notoriously lousy at record keeping. There are still in place very antiquated inventory systems along with a high level of ignorance about whether a large…

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Net Neutrality: Hurtful Government Whims

The notion of neutrality in general is a myth. Nations that claim to be neutral in inter-state conflicts are hardly impartial. If country A has a major advantage in its conflict with country B, the…

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Intel Behind $200M Photonics Competition?

The US government did not call it a “silicon photonics contest.” Perhaps the federal funding for this new Institute for Manufacturing Innovation (IMI) would permit Intel and others to gradually shift to more of a generic…

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A Kaiam Strategic Partner: Google?

Concerning the recent $35 million announcement by Kaiam of equity funding, our intelligence indicates that one of the two strategic partners is Google. We also think the other partner is Microsoft. In addition, we believe that…

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Videoconferencing: The Elusive Business Application

Although it was 50 years ago that AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the World’s Fair, the company is still striving to “encourage the adoption of videoconferencing” at major corporations today. There has just not been…

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Finisar Getting a Raw Deal with Silicon Photonics

When it comes to technology development, some of the leading analysts in the financial community have a tendency to blindly follow a template of conventional wisdom. One of the most egregious examples was during the…

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The Guts of the CFP2

For the next generation of 100G coherent line interface form factor CFP2, will it be a split implementation — analog CFP2 and separate digital DSP ASIC for the card? Can both parts be integrated into…

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25G Laser Shortage

We have been told that there is going to be a worldwide shortage of 25G lasers in the coming two years, supposedly due to not enough capacity having been planned by the industry as a…

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Big Need for MPLS-TP?

At the service providers across the globe, the most widespread and native selection is MPLS and not MPLS-TP. The former has broader acceptance, superior interoperability, and operational intimacy for the engineering folks. In Asia, particularly…

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