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Cisco: Accelerating Pace Away from Systems

The critical reason for Cisco Systems’ elaborate dog and pony show focusing on its latest ASIC, Silicon One, appears to be the simplest one: to indirectly start laying the foundation for its eventual exit from…

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CPO Gaining on COBO Regarding Irrelevance

Notwithstanding the title of this article, a good number of optical suppliers, which want to do business with Microsoft, are likely to be too wary about totally ceasing resource allocation to both the Co-packaged Optics…

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Sumitomo’s Datacom VCSELs: Saving Face

Despite being a data communications module producer, Sumitomo’s purchase of Emcore’s VCSEL business in 2012 was a mistake. The former did not really know what it was buying. (We understand there was even a lawsuit…

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Inphi: Boosting Valuation for Later Exit

While fibeReality is unaware of the exact date of when Chuck Mattera, the CEO, of II-VI, negated the proposal to buy out Finisar’s IC group, it was around the time of Inphi’s rhetoric seemingly signaling…

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Broadcom: Selective Focus on Transceivers

As fibeReality pointed out in a recent article, the counseling from Hock Tan, CEO of Broadcom, to his former executive on the wireless side of his business, Michael Hurlston, who became head of Finisar, was…

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Infinera: An Unanticipated Destination Point

Given this writer’s justifiable criticism of Infinera for almost the entire existence of the firm, it has been a little awkward to begin suggesting to optical engineering managers either looking for work or considering moving…

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II-VI’s Gloomy Look Under Finisar’s Hood

In fibeReality’s opinion, irrespective of II-VI leadership’s original plans with its big merger, figuring out what to do with the mess that was left by Finisar’s interim CEO, Michael Hurlston, along with the implicit approval…

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II-VI: Ordinary “Intel” of Optoelectronics

During the firewall period, waiting for the merger with Finisar to be completely approved, from the CEO of II-VI, Chuck Mattera, people in the industry got the impression that he expected the combined company to become kind…

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Lumentum: Cloistered Management Method

In the early 1980s, the concept of “Management By Walking/Wandering Around” or MBWA reached the height of its acceptance as an effective means of remaining bonded with lower-level managers as well as with other workers,…

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Infinera’s XR Optics: “Fat & Happy” Front

At first blush, it seems illogical for Infinera, a supplier, which has been fighting for its survival, to be promoting a revolutionary change in the aggregation and access portions of the optical marketplace. However, fibeReality…

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3DS VCSELs: Instantaneous Bubble Burst

fibeReality retraced the last three years of the six-inch 3D Sensing (3DS) VCSEL wafer marketplace as part of our preparation efforts in presenting at an EPIC conference last week. As a result of our latest…

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Additional Upshots at Dublin Optics Show

As a complementary piece to our last article, “Throwing Down the Gauntlet at ECOC 2019,” we provide some other final thoughts on the conference, including the following 10 points: 1. While switching, particularly the all-optical…

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Throwing Down the Gauntlet at ECOC 2019

On our second blog, it was mentioned that fibeReality tried to get formal confirmation on the coming death of COBO as well as challenged the usual rosy view of silicon photonics at the same workshop….

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Finisar: Agonizing Wait to Cultural Disaster

Some previous assumptions go out the window, and certain, subsequent actions make greater sense, with our current understanding that Finisar’s destiny was out of the hands of its founder, Jerry Rawls. He did not voluntarily…

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COBO: Mismanaging One Person’s Power

At OFC 2019, this writer happened to be sitting next to an analyst, who is with what is officially considered, by certain people in the market, as an influential research firm. I told this individual…

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Tibit: Last “Telecom Valley” Optic Hurrah

Over the years, nobody can deny that some of the most prominent “Petaluma Telecom Valley” entrepreneurs/engineers were courageous in taking on the huge, technological challenges, in the inherently hardest sector to generate meaningful and sustainable…

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Lumentum: Early DCO Departure Projected

As fibeReality addressed in a recent article, “12 Aftershocks From Cisco-Acacia Quake,” one of the optical suppliers, which will experience the negative effects the longest, is Lumentum Holdings. The bottom line is that at least…

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MACOM: Engineers’ vs Street’s Perception

fibeReality has discovered a definite gulf in opinion on the prospects for MACOM Technologies Solutions’ new CEO, Steve Daly (along with the other top-level executives), to turn the company around, between the engineering crowd, which…

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12 Aftershocks From Cisco-Acacia Quake

At least a dozen marketplace reverberations of differing magnitude can be discovered from what was an indeed an earthquake of a deal announcement by Cisco Systems, in that worse than the irritating amount of perhaps,…

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ADVA: Ottawa Connection and Endgame

To the best of our knowledge, fibeReality has been the sole source in the world to continue to report on the substantial laboratory, the Germany-based optical vendor, ADVA Optical Networking, has built in Ottawa, Ontario….

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Inphi: De Facto Merchant Coherent DSP Play

While the bulk of the analyst community in the optics space continues to engage in pandering on the Cisco Systems purchase of Acacia Communications, rather than doing the requisite amount of homework, they also miss…

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Cisco/Acacia: Influence of Group Denial

Although Acacia Communications was at the optimal point to exit the DSP merchant space, the split second after the announcement of the Cisco Systems takeover, the Web 2.0 operators changed their view of the former…

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400GbE Modules: Forecasting 2025 vs 2020

What exactly is a “real” client-side 400G device? We can certainly count on many marketing folks, and just about all research firms to define it as broadly as possible because for them, it is all…

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MACOM: Volte-Face Analogous to Infinera

There are striking similarities between MACOM Technologies Solutions and Infinera – not only regarding the most obvious characteristic that they have likely, more or less, reached rock-bottom on their valuations, but on the comparable paths…

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