Battling False Narratives on 5G

Battling False Narratives on 5G

fibeReality has close to 5,000 followers on LinkedIn. It may be difficult to find other research firm...

Verizon 5G: Existential Business Case

Verizon 5G: Existential Business Case

The priority of Verizon Wireless' 5G strategy has never been based on the false, industry-wide narrative of...

Ciena’s Clash with Cannibalization at Webscale Operators: A New Report

Ciena’s Clash with Cannibalization at Webscale Operators: A New Report

Ciena is at an important inflection point involving its future strategy. Its biggest, near-term struggle...

Inphi: Ongoing Obsession with COLORZ Brand

Inphi: Ongoing Obsession with COLORZ Brand

In quasi-opposition to fibeReality’s sentiments regarding Inphi’s exceedingly defensive posture on...

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The purpose of fibeReality, an independent consulting and market intelligence firm, specializing in the telecom and data communications optical industry: to painstakingly and relentlessly provide the most accurate, forthright, and exclusive commentary on developments in the space; to fearlessly express the most objective views; to offer brutally honest advice to our customers; to never shill for any company or solution; and to abide by the highest ethical standards.


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