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Oclaro Showcasing Itself for M&A

  While it is quite possible that there have been recent discussions between Finisar and Oclaro about a merger, Greg Dougherty seems to be taking the opportunity at investment conferences to have kind of virtual…
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Infinera: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As Infinera continues the messaging of ambitious product development plans, its comparatively quiet, top-level management changes indicate a supplier that is in a state of crisis, and that it will now be open to radical…
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Lumentum: The Street’s Latest Sacred Cow

There was Infinera with the unflinching belief of the cost benefits of PICs (which in our opinion, was never proven), and being oblivious to a traditional long-haul player forcing Transmode to take a backseat in…
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AOI: Lesson of Hyperscale Operators Trap

Although Applied Optoelectronics’ inevitable fall from grace was at least partially self-inflicted, the actual moral of the story has to do with the potential hazards of getting too far ensconced in the hyperscale data center…
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Finisar/Oclaro: Nearsighted Beyond 4x50G

As with fibeReality, both Finisar and Oclaro have problems foreseeing 400GbE in any meaningful way in the anticipatable time ahead. While each is more than glad to mention development efforts in this direction, their powerful…
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Ericsson/Calix: De Facto NG-PON2 Model

fibeReality fully expects Ericsson/Calix to be the primary beneficiary of NG-PON2 becoming the de facto standard for much of the world. We anticipate that the vendor combo will take the lead on both 5G wireless…
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Inphi’s 100G DSP: Another Blow to Acacia

As usual, when a vendor, such as Inphi, makes a series of announcements on products or on R&D direction, the bulk of the attention is always on the most cutting-edge feature or solution, not necessarily…
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3D-Sensing: Broadcom & Philips Sleepers?

The quietest potential vendors of VCSEL dies for next-generation smartphones and other consumer-related solutions, Broadcom and Philips Photonics, should not only be ruled out, but ought to be strongly considered given their learning curve with…
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AOI Cheerleaders Few and Far Between

The brief China boom in optics attracted a lot of fascination from members of the financial community, many of whom had no appreciation of the historic nature of the industry. Before this period, investors were…
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Finisar-Oclaro Merger Very Plausible Now

In the past, we would have thought at least twice about Finisar buying Oclaro, given the less than stellar experience the former had earlier in acquiring more of a telecom-centric entity. Of course, Jerry Rawls…
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MACOM and Fabrinet: Sound of Silence

On our daily market perspectives page, we have been discussing the mystery surrounding the lack of discussion on Amazon at public events involving MACOM Technology Solutions and Fabrinet. While there is not access to what…
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Applied Optoelectronics’ Freneticism

AOI’s major hyperscale data center customers are undoubtedly sitting back and enjoying the vendor’s frantic activity in making heroic efforts to cut its manufacturing costs to the bone. Here is a company that announced substantially…
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II-VI & Lumentum: 6″ 3-D Sensor Fixations

There are apparently mutual types of obsessions regarding the state of the 3D-sensing businesses of II-VI and Lumentum Holdings, which raise some serious questions: Why did II-VI stress the 6-inch capability of the fab it…
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Infinera: No Way Out?

On Infinera’s last quarterly earnings call, a financial analyst asked: “Does Infinera make sense as a stand-alone business?” The response was somewhat contradictory in that R&D expenditures could lead to “pressure on this industry consolidating,” while also…
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$2B AOI Cap Worse Than Old $3B Acacia

  While we would find it impossible to ever recommend securities of any kind because of the irrational ups and downs of the prices, we have a great deal of respect for many of the…
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Oclaro’s Limited Options?

Regular followers of our other blog were able to read the recent article, “Oclaro’s Possible Mistake,” in which we stated: “While we have been very complimentary toward the Oclaro leadership, we believe it could have…
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ADVA/MRV: Another Ecosystem Break

      In the past, we have provided countless examples of the dominant ICPs demonstrating an unsatisfactory amount of concern for the long-term viability of the optical ecosystem. One of the most damaging practices…
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Lumentum Overtaken by Finisar at Apple?

When it comes to 3D-sensors, both Lumentum Holdings and Finisar are being gutsy in striving to make a tremendous amount of penetration, not only away from their traditional market strongholds, but also in a new…
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Infinera’s Crack at Quasi-Reconstruction

Actions speak louder than words. The rather isolated introduction of the XTM II is a new attempt by Infinera to straddle the line between joining the rest of the community of optical system vendors, which…
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Amazon’s Whole Foods Buyout and DCI

Over the last week, those individuals following our second blog read that we were at least inclined to dismiss several narratives making the rounds, including: 1) Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods (WF) being akin to…
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Lumentum and the Problem with Hubris

At least up until recently with the China boom, which has subsided for now, the extraordinary challenges in being an optical transceiver supplier have become manifold over the last 15+ years, including poor margins, direct…
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Acacia Casualty: Back to Si Photonics Hype

In addition to the start of out-of-whack valuations for optical component companies resulting from the convergence of two massive market forces, the initial overexcitement about Acacia Communications in general, and its focus on “silicon photonics”…
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Lumentum and the Problem with Hubris

On its next quarterly conference call, Lumentum decided to cease being so specific on “how much money it expects to make on componentry for the iPhone,” which had to be angering Apple.
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AOI’s Stabilizer is 40G

Since the beginning of the arrival of the 40G data rate, there has been a consistent mantra in the industry of its impending decline and ultimate demise. Large market research firms have supported this point…
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MACOM’s Aggrandizement of Optical Space

After recently discussing Acacia Communication’s seemingly compelled retreat to a level further down on the food chain, MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, which has products that are no higher than that third layer has a tendency…
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