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Meetings with the Investment Community

fibeReality does not recommend any type of security and we do not invest in any stocks in companies that are covered by us. Given our unmatched reputation and high degree of specialization, we command top hourly rates for the time spent with investment analysts.

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As with our off-the-shelf reports, our consulting services include the gathering of exclusive information and data. A key advantage is that our clients receive the intelligence collected in real time. This permits immediate adjustments to a particular project, enabling you to more efficiently and cost-effectively achieve your goals. Our customers do not have to wait for the completion of a project, only to find out that they needed to ask so many other questions.


Due Diligence

For companies contemplating financial investments in startups, we conduct extremely thorough investigations into startups. Our evaluations are based on through intelligence gathering up and down the food chain. We help determine the degree of genuineness of the business case and the presentation materials.


Customized Market & Technology Reports

We really knock off the socks of consulting clients with meticulously put together studies addressing their individual needs, which they could not get from any other source on the planet at a reasonable cost. Examples include the following:

  • tailored competitive and strategic analyses
  • exceptionally detailed pricing investigations
  • intensive vetting of new ideas for solutions or specific features
  • determining customer perceptions of suppliers in a particular space behind closed doors