The Guts of the CFP2

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For the next generation of 100G coherent line interface form factor CFP2, will it be a split implementation — analog CFP2 and separate digital DSP ASIC for the card? Can both parts be integrated into the single package?

As far as we know, it will be split. While today, there is one 100G on a card, etc., with CFP2, there will be at least two on a board. There is no question that it would be desirable to use the same DSP for both. However, the industry has gone back to the 1990s in which 100G customers, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, etc., each have their own DSP, and they believe that to be their secret sauce — and that is why the DSP is coming out of separate packages.

(written by: Alka Swanson)