To Infinera: Let Transmode Run as Freely as Possible

June, 2015

Infinera would be better off allowing Transmode Systems to operate as an independent division than to integrate it much into its own corporation. Despite all of the assertions to the contrary, their cultures could not be more unalike – the former, a high-profile, Silicon Valley-type of company with people consistently logging long hours, oftentimes grappling with very quick deadlines – the latter, a Swedish, low-key, usually pragmatic kind of firm with historically fixed, lengthy timeframes for R&D completion, with a strong belief in the necessity for taking long vacations to recharge one's batteries as well as to help maintain a relaxed demeanor in its development work. The biggest difference is that Transmode has been going after the sweet spot of the metro DWDM market – targeting the Tier II and below types of service providers and other customers in which there has not has...

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Infinera’s Biggest Concern is Ciena

October, 2016

A commonly heard phrase over the years has been that nobody gets fired for buying from Cisco Systems. When it comes to optical networking products, we have reached the stage in which the same can be said for Ciena, although we believe it has come about despite its top leadership. While both Infinera and its archrival continue to benefit greatly from the US government protection from Chinese competition, which in our opinion is for no legitimate reason, customers are obviously going to think at least twice before buying from the PIC-fixated supplier because once again, its seems that its long-term survival is in doubt. As usually the case, listening to one of Infinera’s quarterly earnings calls along with seeing the slides associated with the event, always raises more questions than provides answers. After its latest conference, we have the following 14 inquiries for the top executives...

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Ciena Should Buy ADVA

January, 2017

While the ex-Nortel contingent, which has dominated the direction of Ciena in recent years, would almost assuredly be opposed to the idea because it would be viewed as a direct threat to its turf, the supplier would greatly benefit from purchasing ADVA Optical Networking. With the number of DWDM greenfield opportunities being few and far between at the moment, buying additional market share in the optical space would seem to make a lot of sense. In addition, Ciena would be able to leverage its existing relationships with large incumbent service providers, particularly in the US, to make significant penetration with ADVA’s gear, resulting in not only substantially greater revenue, but much higher margins for the German supplier. Most importantly, we believe that the top leadership at Ciena, which has had a propensity to adopt the philosophy of its latest major acquisition, would...

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Additional Upshots at Dublin Optics Show

September, 2019

As a complementary piece to our last article, “Throwing Down the Gauntlet at ECOC 2019,” we provide some other final thoughts on the conference, including the following 10 points: 1.     While switching, particularly the all-optical variety, has never taken off in a big way, it was most conspicuously mentioned by Microsoft, as a portion of a very short presentation focused on a general cross-disciplinary approach with developments in the cloud. Actually, the operator brought up the concept of an extremely quick wavelength router it has touted in the past as it probably thought it had nothing to lose by mentioning it to a big crowd of optics engineers. It was then discussed by Mellanox Technologies in relationship to higher bandwidth being enabled at Web 2.0 companies with such scalable devices. Later, Glenn Wellbrock, from Verizon mentioned the use of a photonic switch in trials...

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