Videoconferencing: The Elusive Business Application

September, 2014

Although it was 50 years ago that AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the World’s Fair, the company is still striving to “encourage the adoption of videoconferencing” at major corporations today. There has just not been a significant cultural shift in the business community to making deals without shaking hands in person. Yet, there are also very practical considerations in videoconferencing providing an inadequate sense of being in the room, and not allowing for a close consideration of body language to assess the impact of a presentation. While webinars have undoubtedly reduced the amount of traveling substantially in prequalifying sales prospects in offering graphical video displays in communications, there is no real need to have a live picture of the people in the conversation. So, videoconferencing is partly about using a solution in which there is not a problem. Also,...

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