Microsoft's Enduring Google Envy

April, 2016

Quite a few articles have been written over time about the jealousy suffered by Microsoft over Alphabet’s Google, but they have not really addressed that the same dynamic exists in the optics realm. One cannot help but discern the palpable pain caused by the dominant search engine provider to the software giant in having a bigger fiber optic network despite the latter starting its construction on its infrastructure in general about two decades earlier. Most interestingly, the characterizations of leaving Google (as well as others) in the “digital drone dust” or offering “dramatic new ways of running big data applications,” as it relates to its partnership with Inphi is way over-the-top rhetoric in that the adoption of this technology is just an extension of Microsoft’s strategy at 10G for short distances. At an OIF workshop that took place in Anaheim during the week of OFC 2016, a presen ...

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Infinera: Doubling Down on Lost Cause

February, 2018

After bringing in an executive, who promotes to companies he will “lead a transformational charge to growth, profitability and long-term value,” in our opinion, the last earnings call at Infinera was in general just more of the same strategy, only the messaging was more convoluted than ever. While it would be very difficult at this point to figure out a way to put the vendor on a healthier path, just being confined to the literal, cosmetic, and superficial goal of “enhancing internal alignment between our engineering, product management, and marketing teams, and ensuring efficiency in our overall development process” is barely sufficient. If Infinera has any chance for survival, it needs to drastically cut back to a minimum number of products, which have the best chance for success, and give up considerably on its planned aggressive R&D expenditures. Last November, it is quite probable t ...

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