ADVA Should Look at Buying Xtera

September, 2015

ADVA Optical Networking’s CEO mentioned that it “is considering a ‘larger deal [than the Time4 Systems purchase] more in the mid-term’ that could give it access to a new group of customers,” according to a recent article in Light Reading. Xtera Communications, which we suspect would love to find a graceful exit opportunity, and so it would presumably be amenable to a price quite attractive to ADVA, somewhat fits the bill, even if it is not necessarily "small enough to absorb into...its operations in a pretty seamless manner." Xtera is a pure long haul/regional play both on the submarine and terrestrial sides of the network, offering technology truly unique in the industry. Actually, it is that very last aspect that could be the most interesting to ADVA. More important than any products the supplier will introduce as a result of the Oscilloquartz acquisition, taking over such a...

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Ciena Should Buy ADVA

January, 2017

While the ex-Nortel contingent, which has dominated the direction of Ciena in recent years, would almost assuredly be opposed to the idea because it would be viewed as a direct threat to its turf, the supplier would greatly benefit from purchasing ADVA Optical Networking. With the number of DWDM greenfield opportunities being few and far between at the moment, buying additional market share in the optical space would seem to make a lot of sense. In addition, Ciena would be able to leverage its existing relationships with large incumbent service providers, particularly in the US, to make significant penetration with ADVA’s gear, resulting in not only substantially greater revenue, but much higher margins for the German supplier. Most importantly, we believe that the top leadership at Ciena, which has had a propensity to adopt the philosophy of its latest major acquisition, would...

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