More 400G Insanity at ECOC

October, 2015

At the recent ECOC Exhibition 2015, there was the continuation of the prevailing optical industry’s preposterous, public narrative that the deployment of 400G is within sight. There can be no doubt that in the foreseeable future that there will be an extremely small number of ports at that data rate found on routers, and perhaps even in data centers, and many analysts and reporters in the market can be counted on to disingenuously declare that the market for that speed has really arrived. Nevertheless, in looking at the current migration path and the historic pace of change, it is quite logical that volume deployment of 400G even within 20 years could easily be a stretch, and that it may be so far out as to be irrelevant in current transport planning by both service providers and large enterprises for future bandwidth requirements. When it came to the aberration of aberrations, the Inter ...

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100G PSM4 Pricing at $2/Gig and Lower

March, 2017

At the Rump Session at OFC 2017, the topic for debate will be “Sub $0.25/Gbps Optics; How and When will Fiber Finally Kill Copper Cable Interconnects in the Data Center (DC)?” One of the questions for discussion will be “What happened to the $1/Gbps optics cost target for switch interconnects?” As it turns out, our intelligence gathering indicates that the prices being offered by a couple of vendors on PSM4 are even more aggressive than we indicated in a blog article in May of last year. Purchasers of our Clash of Optical Component Vendors & Technologies in Data Center Networks report have already received our detailed explanation as to Intel’s pricing and actual product strategy with their “silicon photonics,” which points to as low as $190 a unit for a high-volume purchase. We also understand that Luxtera has dropped the price of its PSM4s to $200. We believe that despite any excessive ...

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