MACOM: Volte-Face Analogous to Infinera

June, 2019

There are striking similarities between MACOM Technologies Solutions and Infinera – not only regarding the most obvious characteristic that they have likely, more or less, reached rock-bottom on their valuations, but on the comparable paths that they took to get to this point. Each unwisely moved up the food chain from the optical chip level, which had immediate negative ramifications, as Infinera ignored the admonishment that it would rapidly result in a substantial decline in the size of the total long-haul system market, and MACOM quickly became what has been accurately described by some people in the industry, as an ineffective holding company for acquired parts of differing worth (not to mention MACOM entering deeply into the “hyperscale vortex” with Amazon). Each vendor was driven by over-the-top marketing/sales efforts, with the tendency to hype non-existent,...

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400GbE Modules: Forecasting 2025 vs 2020

July, 2019

What exactly is a “real” client-side 400G device? We can certainly count on many marketing folks, and just about all research firms to define it as broadly as possible because for them, it is all about making the size of the opportunity as big as possible. Certainly, in the past and more recently, when fibeReality talked about the slow arrival of 400GbE, it was in the context of how it was defined by the vast majority of optical technologists in the industry: after standardization of the physical medium dependent sublayers by the IEEE -- in particular, in moving forward, the efforts of the 802.3ck Task Force, as the main presumption is that the industry needs to get the SerDes line rates to 100 Gb/s. Of course, two of the Web 2.0 operators, Google and Amazon, for their internal optical networks, have chosen to go with what at least some engineers might call band-aid approaches, the...

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