Where Would NYC be on Fiber to the Home Without Verizon?

June, 2015

While fibeReality will never be an apologist for any corporation, the current attacks on Verizon regarding the reputed insufficient amount of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) activity in the city of New York are just unfair. Unlike Google, which currently appears to be concentrating more on making announcements on FTTH rather than actually deploying anything, no other firm other than Verizon has come close to spending the billions of dollars to connect fiber to residential customers in the United States. While Verizon will compete aggressively to protect its assets from competitors, the fact of the matter is that the city would probably have now have been at least a decade behind in getting fiber to homes without the service provider’s actions over the last several years. As DSLReports points out, all of the critics seem to be ignoring the fact that Verizon was upfront about its intentions of...

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Ericsson/Calix: De Facto NG-PON2 Model

October, 2017

fibeReality fully expects Ericsson/Calix to be the primary beneficiary of NG-PON2 becoming the de facto standard for much of the world. We anticipate that the vendor combo will take the lead on both 5G wireless and supporting optical backhaul/fronthaul equipment for Verizon, which is in the process of quietly setting up next-gen infrastructure well beyond its publicized trials. The service provider is fully committed to the realization of NG-PON2, which would represent the first time in the history of optical communications that such a large disparity at the outset in first cost would not be a prohibitive factor in moving forward on a solution. Despite any rhetoric to the contrary, Verizon has its whole future riding on the success of 5G, and other access alternatives are simply inadequate to completely provide all of the desired functionality.  While overcoming the high cost of...

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