Battling False Narratives on 5G

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Battling False Narratives on 5G

fibeReality has close to 5,000 followers on LinkedIn. It may be difficult to find other research firm specialists focussing on optics and wireless that can make that claim. We provide useful market intelligence in our blog articles and reports that cannot be found anywhere else. Nevertheless during a recent presentation at EPIC, we predicted that despite providing a reasonable rationale for Verizon’s emphasis on mmWave, we were 99% sure it would not change the industry-wide narrative. (By the way afterwards, an analyst at one of our prominent competitors asked about pricing on 400ZR, and we provided the most up-to-date answer for the first time publicly during our interaction with the speaker from Inphi.) Conversely, we do not believe in coincidences. About a week after publicly announcing our new report, certain parties appeared to feel obliged to come clean, albeit not in a totally direct or complete way.

In fibeReality’s opinion, the lack of curiosity and just outright laziness by so many members of the trade press along with the bulk of the analysts in the space is astounding. It only takes a couple of minutes to discover that Bluegrass Cellular, acquired by Verizon, has mmWave spectrum and point that out. Similarly, how can the Verizon-Microsoft partnership be reported without mentioning Amazon? fibeReality elaborates in our study why we believe Amazon is not ready. In the document, we discuss in detail other false narratives such as that T-Mobile has a major advantage in the 5G space and that AT&T needs money for mid-band spectrum, whereas the priority for the operator, according to our intelligence, is on enabling mmWave.

While fibeReality hardly asserts in our report that Verizon is infallible (in fact, we address its competitive weaknesses) and that we are very concerned about the cultural shift taking place at the MNO, it is definitely not the first time that the service provider has been refused the benefit of the doubt over the last two decades. Despite being consistently criticized, especially initially, for its investments/acquisitions in FiOS, in the type of 4G spectrum, in AOL, etc. there were reasonable explanations for these moves that have been totally ignored by observers in the space.

Additionally, fibeReality has revolutionized the market research report. No executive has the time to read more than 30 pages. Although our competitors charge a premium for the extra weight, they tend to regurgitate information from public relations departments and they are inclined to be in a race to provide the highest business projections. Our briefs are densely packed with lots of intelligence from our confidential sources.

Other provocative aspects of the report include two large cities that have fallen way short of Verizon’s earlier plans for mmWave, the most practical and simple app for the high-band spectrum that is never mentioned, and why we think that there may be a change in leadership soon at Calix.