In July, 2014, Mark Lutkowitz and Alka Swanson established fibeReality, LLC, an independent consulting and market research firm specializing in the telecommunications and data communications optical industry. The principals have been intimately involved in the international fiber optic space for a total of almost 60 years, establishing an unmatched reputation for a relentless pursuit of the truth in their evaluations of technology and services. For more information on them individually, please see their bios below.

Even if one strives to be as diplomatic as possible, there is sometimes a toll – both emotional and financial – to telling people what they may not want to hear. Over time, the leadership at fibeReality has become accustomed to push-back, and it will not prevent us from doing our work honestly and honorably.

By the same token, if we get something wrong, we want to know about it immediately, so that we can correct the record immediately. We are humbled by the enormity of trust our customers have given us, and we will never cease our painstaking efforts to ensure that we offer the most accurate information possible.

Despite the cutbacks in investment in fiber optics by venture capitalists and other corporations in recent years, the leaders of fibeReality know that there are lucrative niche opportunities being ignored. The greatest potential for solid growth is not with the latest, sexy technology, but with incremental modifications to existing solutions in the marketplace.


At fibeReality there is no cheerleading or shilling for any vendor or solution in the marketplace. Unfortunately, in recent times, there has been too much bastardization of the telecom research business with too many firms acting as willing extensions of the public relations departments of the players in the space. 

The proof is in the pudding. While it was commonplace in the distant past for high-level executives to purchase studies, it is now frequently PR people who tend to buy reports that are “competitive intelligence” too often in name only. While fibeReality will not hesitate to express any honestly-held, favorable views about companies, we will not promote hype or propaganda.



Our focus is on demand-side analysis using primary research. We continually have in-depth conversations with the actual buyers of optical components, full systems, and carrier offerings. We have extensive and long-term contacts including at service providers, large enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental entities.

So, if we are focusing on chips, modules, etc. we concentrate on talking to the complete system folks. For the system integrators, we will chat with the carriers, etc. For operator products, we will be in contact with corporate customers, etc.


fibeReality has the fastest growing blog dedicated to optics in the telecom and data center sectors. Our posts have set a new standard for accurate, forthright, and exclusive commentary on developments in the space. There is no rehashing of press releases, but in-depth analysis based on our intimate connection with the business dynamics and on our historic perspective.

For daily updates, please follow our company page on LinkedIn.

A large number of the most influential executives in the industry are regular readers of our articles, such as at equipment manufacturers, network operators, and investment firms.


fibeReality offers market intelligence reports based on the feedback of buyers of fiber optic gear and services. None of our studies are financed by outside entities. The extraordinary level of candid and unfiltered detail in these studies is unmatched by other “off-the-shelf” providers.

fibeReality will not spend time amassing secondary information, which is periodically exaggerated or blatantly disingenuous, and can be found from hundreds of other sources. We will not rely on surveys, which by definition tend to be filled out by people with a little too much time on their hands, and therefore, likely have relatively little involvement with the important decisions of their firms.

Executives at the highest levels engage with us because they respect our opinions and realize that they get at least as much as they give during these interactions. They also know that we will zealously protect their confidentiality.

For more details on our individual reports, please click here.


As with our reports, our consulting services include the gathering of extremely unique information and data. We can provide, among other things, the following:

  1. fibeReality excels at vetting ideas for new market solutions or product features.
  2. We meticulously put together customized competitive and strategic analyses.
  3. We make both engineering and marketing recommendations for improving the sales performance of our customers.
  4. We project business trends and sizing in the most realistic manner possible.
  5. We can suggest ways to improve financing prospects as well as discuss merger and acquisition options.
  6. We can frequently tell you what your customers are saying about you behind their closed doors.

A key advantage is that our consulting clients receive the intelligence collected in real time. This permits immediate adjustments to a particular project, enabling you to more efficiently and cost-effectively achieve your goals.

The entities that tend to be most interested in our services include the following:

  • investments firms looking for a significant ROI in the foreseeable future and not interested in ideas that are likely to remain vaporware indefinitely;
  • R&D departments desiring to understand realistic timelines in adapting new devices from the bottom of the food chain up to the operational level;
  • suppliers seeking hard-to-find pockets of revenue growth as well as wanting to keep their eyes on technological trends;
  • corporations evaluating their strategic plans;
  • firms looking for dependable average selling prices on hardware/software as well as for reliable manufacturing costs and expansion plans of competitors; and
  • if applicable, companies determining the potential for growth in markets outside of telecom/datacom.


fibeReality makes the following six guarantees to the industry:

  • to present the facts as discovered and not to embellish or to downplay any information we obtain;
  • to be unafraid to express the most objective views of the marketplace and to let the chips fall where they may;
  • to offer brutally honest advice to our customers on running their businesses, as if we ourselves had complete stake in them;
  • to avoid pulling our punches in our evaluation of any existing company or solution;
  • to never sell out when it comes to the truth; and
  • to abide by the highest ethical standards in operating our firm.



Mr. Mark Lutkowitz

Mr. Mark Lutkowitz

Mark has over three decades of experience in the telecommunications and data communications market, focusing extensively in the fiber optics space. He ...

Dr. Alka Swanson

Dr. Alka Swanson

Alka is one of the most respected and informed engineers in the fiber optic component market. She has gained a solid reputation as an industry leader ...